Dedicated Server and Its Benefits And Drawbacks

Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server can be defined as a physical server which is assigned to a single organization. To run or host the applications and website, a server will be required so that the users can access the services. To manage and maintain the physical server resources and to allocate them to different customers is carried out by hosting provider. The best thing about dedicated hosting is that one can get complete control over how his/her organization is going to use the physical server resources. In dedicated server, one gets an isolated physical server environment that can be configured and managed as per requirement. For mission critical applications in which high availability is required, a dedicated server can be the most useful one.

Benefits of Dedicated Server

Reliable Performance

Dedicated server means that on a particular server only single user will be there unlike other servers which can have multiple users at a single time. As a result, one can get a much faster and reliable performance because only a single user is using the resources that are there in the server and is not used by other users. In today’s time, many dedicated servers use SSD instead of HDD, which would help in loading the website faster than before.

Additional Storage Space and Bandwidth

A user can have increased bandwidth and more storage space, when the user is having a server that is altered as per their requirements. It means that one can enjoy completely personalized features and services.

Scalable, Adaptable And Flexible

In dedicated server, the user can add new applications, change the server setup and modify the resources to meet the requirements. With dedicated hosting, one can use the entire server at their command, allowing them to add functionalities and features as they are developed and expanded as per the requirements. As a result, the user can have complete control over the server.

Drawbacks of dedicated server

Needs more maintenance

Regular server upkeeping and daily monitoring are required to verify the reliability of the server. 

Requires technical knowledge

 For dedicated server, technical knowledge is required to install, configure, maintain, and operate a server. It will be difficult for the user to choose a dedicated server if they don’t have enough technical knowledge and absence of management skills.

More expensive

When compared to other types of web hosting, dedicated hosting is more expensive.

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