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A static web page can be defined as a web page built with pages of static content, or plain html, CSS, JavaScript code. When we talk about static web page, each page has its separate html file. When someone(visitor) visits the homepage, they are viewing the actual homepage file.

If two pages are having identical content like a header or footer, the headers or footers exist as two separate versions on each page. So, if you want to update the header or footer, you must do so on each page.

Advantages of Static Web Page

Fast Development Times

In static web page, same information is served to every user, which is a merit point for developers as it helps the developers to create static websites relatively at a lower time.

Low Cost

As the static website takes lesser time to be developed, the charge that developers takes is also less. So, in this way development of static website is cost-effective.

High Performance

Between low file sizes and no dependencies on server-side applications, static web pages can be delivered to users much faster than dynamic web pages. 

Disadvantages of static Web Page

Limited Capabilities

There are many limitations of static website. First, these types of webpages cannot be personalized to the user. Second,  static websites cannot perform specific functionalities, such as allowing users to login or add items to a cart.

Difficult to change

It’s one of the biggest limitation of Static web page that it’s content cannot be changed easily. It will be a near to impossible task for a beginner web developer to update the content of a static web page. Even for a slight change that is to be made in the website, each and every HTML files are required to be individually changed.

Not Good for the long run

Static web pages are not made for the long run as any business would need to make a number of updates to be in sync with the latest trends. If there is any change that is to be made in the website, one would have to change each page file again and again which can be consuming a lot of resources.

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