India is emerging as the voice of the global south

President of India, Draupadi Murmu visited Suriname and Serbia recently. She addressed the Indian community reception in Belgrade on 7th June.

President Murmu has said that India is on her way to becoming a responsible developed partner. She emphasized India’s transformational change of fastest growing economies with a GDP of 3.5 Trillion briefing areas of rapid changes in the field of green energy, infrastructure, IT services, and society at large.

She said  India believes in “Vashudhaiva Kutumbakam ” which means the world is one family, currently  G-20 theme under India’s presidency. The president emphasized India’s relations with Serbia, particularly defined in the context of the Non-Aligned Movement.

During the delegation-level talks, participating ministers highlighted cooperation in their respective sectors. Both sides discussed areas of culture, especially cinema, and tourism. President Vucic of Serbia described Serbia’s relations with India based on fraternity.

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