WHO’s warning about Omicron: People infected with the new variant are going to the hospital and even dying, do not make the mistake of taking it lightly
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The Omicron variant has caused a worldwide tsunami of corona. Due to this, there is a lot of pressure on the health system around the world. WHO Chief Tedros Ghebreyesus has warned the world through a press conference on Thursday that people are dying around the world because of Omicron. It cannot be ignored. However, some reports are claiming that Omicron is less lethal than other variants of Corona.

WHO Chief Tedros has said that Omicron is killing people around the world. Omicron is proving less dangerous than Delta for vaccinated people, but that doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly. Like the previous variant, Omicron is hospitalizing and killing people.

Tedros said the new variant is infecting a record number of people. It is spreading faster than the previous variant Delta in many countries. The tsunami of corona cases is so big and fast that the health system around the world is facing a lot of trouble.

During the press conference, the WHO chief expressed concern about the uneven distribution of the vaccine. He said on the greed of rich countries for the vaccine – the lack of proper distribution of the vaccine was the biggest drawback last year. In some countries, where there were more health facilities than necessary, some countries are facing shortages.

WHO wanted every country to give vaccine to 10% of its population by September 2021 and 40% of its population by December 2021, but 92 out of 194 countries missed the target. A major reason for this was the lack of a vaccine. Now our target is that by June-July in 2022, 70% of vaccination will be completed in every country. As the vaccine roll-out worsens, 109 countries will again fall behind this target.

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