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An Air Indian repatriation flight from Dubai with 181 Indian nationals onboard landed in Kozhikode, Kerala on Thursday (May 8, 2020) night.

The passengers of the flight are divided into six batches of 30 each.  They are first screened with a thermal scanner.  If someone shows symptoms, they will be immediately transferred to Kovid Care Center.

Five counters have been set up for immigration proceedings.  The steps will be completed in a maximum of one and a half minutes.  Travelers will then be given a class on how to maintain the Quarantine norms.  

An affidavit saying it will not be violated will be obtained.  After the passport scan with the NORKA, the thermal scan will be done again.  Passengers will be sent to quarantine in batches of same district.

Starting from 7 May, 64 flights will take off for 12 countries including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Maldives, Singapore, and the US.

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