Green, Peach, Chocolate Brown: Tips on Which Colours to Sport This Monsoon
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* Maroon shade in outfits: Maroon has been a favourite since time immemorial in all styles but this year maroon can be seen sported in not just the conventional maxi dresses but also in jumpsuits, off shoulders, ruffles, cold shoulders and short dresses as well. As today’s youth loves to experiment with fashion so maroon can also be seen sported in daily causal college wear.

* Green shade: Green is the colour of freshness and cool and perfect for monsoon. This colour always looks good on most complexions. If you are warm toned focus on mustard, khaki and dark green. If you are cool toned try bright green colour like parrot green. Try to combine green with bright colours like yellow and white. Add some solid colours to your outfit and watch the transformation.

* Peach shades: Peach is the colour which goes with all dark and lighter tones and a very cool choice for monsoon as it’s one classic shade that goes well with almost all styles so it’s here to stay this monsoon and for seasons to come. Extend the theme of the outfit through to your accessories and don’t forget to add wide brim hat in this season.

* Cool magentas: The colour donned in an off shoulder outfit is the best buy this season. The best point about magenta is that it’s one shade that looks extremely stunning in pictures and also it’s warm bold tone highlights all the types of complexions very well. Also try magenta lipstick in monsoon which will increase your confidence level and is much prettier than others. Pair magenta dresses with orange, white and dark blue colour.

* Chocolate brown: It was once a shade that was seen generally in trench coats or boots but in today’s scenario it’s rather a trending shade in terms of its appeal with youth. Chocolate brown maxi party dresses are a very classy coloured option this season.

* Prussian blue or denim Ink blue: It was earlier seen sported in denim attire but in today’s time this shade has become very popular in all styles. This shade can be seen commonly in party outfits or casual. The best styles in this shade apart from denim outfits are maxi dresses, 3D printed skater dresses and all types cold shoulder styles.

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