Prime Minister Narendra Modi will present Yoga Awards to the winners for Outstanding Contribution for Promotion and Development of Yoga in New Delhi today.PM Modi¬†said he had numerous opportunities to visit Kerala.PM Modi further said, ‘we may move or not, we may be open to change or not. India is changing fast and this change is happening for the good. At the core of the New India spirit are individual aspirations, collective endeavours and a spirit of ownership for national progress’.PM said New India is about participative democracy, a citizen- centric government and pro-active citizenryPM Modi reiterated It is youngsters from small towns and villages. They do not belong to established families or have big bank balances. What they have is dedication and aspiration. They are converting that aspiration into excellence and making India proud.PM further said this is an India where the surnames of the youth do not matter. What matters is their ability to make their own name. This is an India where corruption is never an option, whoever the person is. Only competence is the norm


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