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After sharing the stage at the mega Howdy Modi event Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Trump will meet in New York on the 24th.

Since his re-election in May this year, Prime Minister Modi has met President Trump thrice. In Houston, the chemistry the leaders share was clearly visible at the Howdy Modi event.

Prime Minister exposed Pakistan in the presence of President Trump.President Trump acknowledged this firm stance in the presence of Pakistan PM Imran Khan at a press interaction expressing hope that India and Pakistan reach a solution.

Both leaders also spoke out against radical terrorism in Houston.

Earlier at the G7 meet, PM Modi had firmly communicated to President Trump that Kashmir is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan with no room for third party mediation.

Houston also saw the energy connect strengthening in India-US ties with Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting top oil CEOs.

The presence of 23 leaders including Senators, Governors and congressmen at the Howdy Modi event also goes to show the strength of India-US ties.

Trade ties between the two nations have been on tricky grounds since the beginning of 2019. But as the external Affairs Minister put it, you cannot have trade problems if you don’t trade.

Both leaders have discussed trade issues on several ocassions and it is hoped that there will be some good news for India after the Bilateral on Tuesday.

President Trump and PM Modi have already met thrice this year. The previous two meetings of the two leaders were on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Japan and G-7 Summit in France this summer.

In June 2017, the two leaders met for the first time with President Trump hosting PM Modi in Washington. In the joint statement issued, President Trump and Prime Minister Modi agreed that a close partnership between the United States and India is central to peace and stability in the the Indo-Pacific region.

In September 2018, the two countries inked Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement or COMCASA that gives India access to advanced communication technology used in U.S. defense equipment.

Clearly ties between the two nations are on an upward trajectory with the added inertia of the chemistry that Prime Minister Modi and President Trump share.


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