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Dr. V.K. Paul, Chairman, Empowered Group I and the National Task Force on COVID-19 stated that lockdown has been India’s timely, graded, proactive and pre-emptive public health measure to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the results of models by various experts, lockdown has saved between 1.2 lakh to 2.1 lakh lives.

He also said, “No. of COVID-19 cases averted due to lockdown is in range of 14 – 29 lakh. No. of lives saved is in the range of 37,000 – 78,000. We are fully confident that lockdown, with full public cooperation, has reaped rich dividends. Lockdown has mostly achieved its purpose, but it cannot be continued for unlimited time; we need to behave in a manner which makes it difficult for coronavirus to spread. This is the way forward”.

The policy makers need to reach an equilibrium where the spread of coronavirus is controlled without taking a toll on the economy. Professor Mukherjee believes that “eternal and perpetual lockdowns are not feasible for any nation”.

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