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Actors Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler formed a mutual-appreciation society at the premiere of their new Netflix movie ‘Murder Mystery’ on Monday.

The pair, who also starred together in 2011’s ‘Just Go With It,’ play a married couple on an anniversary trip to Europe in the film, a tongue-in-cheek whodunit. When they find themselves aboard a luxury yacht with a rising body count, the couple try to solve the murders and end up as suspects themselves.

“I’ll do anything for him until the day I die,” Aniston said of Sandler. “And I love murder mysteries… I love an old throwback to a good whodunit.” Sandler said “I love that Aniston girl. Sharp, funny, likes to dress up nice, like me. We’re very similar.”

Aniston, whose career has consisted mostly of romantic comedy films since the end of the sitcom ‘Friends’ in 2004, recently celebrated her 50th birthday. The only negative about turning 50, she said, was people adding the phrase ‘for her age’ to comments about her.

Sandler, whose production company ‘Happy Madison’ has teamed with Netflix on several films, called a new state law in Georgia restricting abortions “terrible”. “No one’s shooting there right now. Hopefully something comes of that,” he said.

Netflix, the movie’s distributor, has said it would ‘rethink’ its film and television production investment in Georgia if the law is implemented.


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