Issues in Indian Education System –
The education system of India ranks 33 in the world and The Quality of education is rated as 59.1.

There are numerous issues associated with the current education system in India. A state-run public education system primarily handles education in the nation which falls under the authority of local, state, and central governments. Some of the relevant issues that need to be curbed are listed below.

Students Moving to Abroad for Higher Education 
It is observed that one of the major reasons for students shifting to another country are the current problems of Indian education. The concerned authorities should work on the issues so that more youths get educated in their native country and contribute to the growing economy by applying their knowledge and skills.

Authorization and Branding
Education management must focus on improving education quality standards. Schools and colleges should offer officially recognized, accepted, or approved degrees.

Inadequate Employable Skills
The youths completing higher education in India do not possess a basic level of education and hence lack industry-level aptitudes. Due to carelessness in the foundation of basic education, they cannot develop their skills and remain unemployed.

Teacher Qualified but not Skilled.
The students pursuing education are more than the tutors needed in the academies. Therefore, teachers should be employed wisely by checking their qualifications and skills so that valuable knowledge is transferred to aspiring students.

Need to Motivate Students
The Government should utilize students’ full capabilities and ideas by motivating them and boosting schools to encourage youths with creative minds.

Budget of Education
It is crucial to allocate more funds to solve the major problems in the Indian education system. With the passing years, many adaptations have been performed in the education system, and if this continues, the country will be able to overcome the challenges. India must also adopt a Gross enrolment pattern observed by the United Nations.