Ishaan has scored 327 runs, Jammu-Express Umran, who has taken 18 wickets, can also get points
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Rishabh Pant is India’s number one wicket-keeper batsman. Team India is expecting the best performance from him in the T20 World Cup. Meanwhile, Pant is seen breaking under the burden of captaincy in IPL 15. It is hard to believe that this pocket dynamite has not hit a single 50 in this season of IPL.

It was expected that at least his bat would speak in the last phase of the season, but even against PBKS, Rishabh sat carelessly and went on to score 7 runs. Pant went ahead of the crease to dominate Livingstone, but could not return at the right time. Wicketkeeper Jitesh Sharma stumps Pant with ease. Let us tell you 5 reasons why Pant has failed this season. Before that, you can take part in this poll.

1. Pant is unable to understand the difference between being a captain and only a player.
Rishabh Pant is unable to realize that there is a difference between being only a player and a captain. As a player, many times you lose wickets while playing shots freely without taking care of the situation. At that time you are questioned, but then the captain and coach give you time to change your attitude. Being the captain yourself, you are expected to be responsible.

When the team should take the team towards a big score by staying at the crease as the captain, Pant first gets out first and walks back towards the pavilion. All the successful captains who have been there, they have ensured their place in the team with their performance. You are only the captain, so your place in the team cannot be confirmed for long. You have to earn your place on the basis of performance.

2. Throwing wickets in the guise of over
-aggression Pant is becoming a victim of over-aggression. As soon as he comes, he starts attacking with the first ball. Then they go on losing their wicket cheaply. The way he reacts after getting out doesn’t suit a legend like him. Not having a single half-century in 13 innings is worrying for a veteran batsman like Pant. There are all kinds of shots in Rishabh Pant’s box.

If he stays at the crease for a while, he can ruin any bowling attack. Rishabh just has to understand that instead of getting over aggressive and losing wickets, the first few overs can be batted at a slow pace. Once they get their eyes fixed, then it will not be difficult for them to play big shots.

3. Pant is putting more energy into questioning the umpire’s decision than his game.
Rishabh as a captain is also disappointing cricket fans with his behavior. The way he signaled both his batsmen to come back in the middle of the match in the no-ball controversy against Rajasthan in the 20th over, it does not suit any player.

Playing for Team India and Delhi for so many years, Pant’s behavior felt like a player of street cricket. It is as if if someone does not give us the batting, then in return we will not allow the match to take place by taking back our bat and uprooting the wicket.

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