Indian Railways has cancelled all regular train tickets booked for travel till June 30. The Indian Railways has announced in an abrupt decision that the trains have been cancelled and refunds will be issued to all passengers who had booked tickets for travel in these special trains.

These measures, however, do not include the Shramik Special trains and special trains that started running from May 12. Shramik Special trains are taking migrant labourers from different states to their home states while the special trains are running on 15 routes to ferry stranded Indians across the country.

On May 12, Indian Railways had started 15 trains in the ongoing lockdown with an aim to gradually resume the train services in India that are a lifeline for transport and communication in the country.

On the first day of bookings on IRCTC, the Indian Railways had booked tickets for 80,000 passengers, earning a staggering amount of Rs 16 crore.


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