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In a positive change during the COVID-19 pandemic the heart attack incident rates got reduced by 30 to 70 percent in several countries across the globe, said Dr Samin K Sharma, Senior VP, Operations & Quality, Mount Sinai Heart, NewYork. 

The number of heart attack patients got reduced in countries like America, India, Spain, and China. Dr Sharma informed that the reduction in heart-related disease is due to the improvement in the mental and physical health of common people during the lockdown period.

Some of the factors which are acting as a boon for human health during the COVID-19 situation include – reduction of office-related work stress due to working from home, people practicing daily exercise, meditation, prayer which led to the improvement of heart-related problems. 

Increased physical activity at home, less pollution, and no more getting stuck in traffic jams, eating healthy homemade foods are another major factor that had led to the improvement in human health across countries.

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