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This summer marks the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, an event that has changed cultural landscape. Over thirty musical acts performed for nearly half a million people whose style turned flower power into a major fashion moment. Contemporary music festivals like Coachella or Rock in Rio owe their massive popularity and social relevance (Beychella!) to the post-Woodstock influences. Music festivals have played an important part in cultural diplomacy, particularly in the decades after the Cold War. Sopot Festival in Poland and Golden Orpheus in Bulgaria were two major music events of the socialist era. Throughout the 1970’s and ‘80s musicians behind the Iron Curtain cherished limited opportunities to play with their Western peers while style-hungry festival goers flocked to the Baltic and Black Sea coasts, respectively, for the latest in Eastern European fashion. Among the occasional “western” headliners were Tina Turner, Boy George, Whitney Houston, Elton John and other iconic stars. Nowadays, thousands of people travel to Eastern Europe for a range of music festivals famous in equal measure both for its guest lineups and amazing streetstyle.

Here is the list of top destination festivals in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Hungary, and Croatia for those looking to travel with a purpose: enjoy top musical acts, flaunt and/or observe latest fashion trends, and discover cultures still unaffected by mass tourism.

Source: Forbes

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