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At the launch of ‘9 Months’ season 4, chef and author Rakhee Vaswani and educational entrepreneur Kusum Kanwar spoke about why it’s is important for parents to spend quality time with their children.

In a growing, modernized world like today, it can often be confusing and complicated for a parent to choose between right and wrong. These decisions and choices become even more difficult when it comes to the world where children are exposed to the Internet at a young age.

Nevertheless, Firstpost’s 9 Months comes to the rescue for a fourth time with a new season, which will witness mothers discuss and share their parenting experiences and complications. Not only will it help provide solutions to contemporary problems but also aims to make parents realise that they are not alone with their problems.

At the launch of the show’s latest season, chef and author Rakhee Vaswani, educational entrepreneur Kusum Kanwar and child psychologist Riddhi Patel spoke about the importance and need of parents spending quality time with their kids while also pointing out ways to avoid them from getting addicted to social media and technology as a whole.

Mommy Bloggers - Group Photo

Mommy Bloggers at the launch of 9 Months Season 4

Patel talked about how parents can help kids focus more on sports– be it outdoor or indoor– to keep them away from technology.

Vaswani pointed out, “We have to be role model parents. If I’m looking at my phone and saying ‘Stop that!’, then am I doing the right thing? We all have to go back to our parenting.”

Vaswani, who is a mother of two young adults, further talked about how she had distanced herself from her phone after the birth of her first child. She said, “When my daughter was born, for a year or so I stopped using my phone. I just had a time slot when I used to check my messages. I see mothers who use their phones when the child is not eating to engage their child. I have consciously never given in to the phone. Basically we have to choose from the lesser evil that is TV, mobile or iPad and I would say TV is better. It’s at a distance from their eyes and without WiFi or sim cards there is less radiation. So I choose the lesser evil if I can.”

Patel added, “I always tell my parents that we are sandwiched people. From our parents’ perspective, we are the younger parents and our children’s generation is a very fast one. It’s really important to sit with both the generations and talk differences out. Explain to them that it’s all about respect. Everything starts with respect and everything ends with respect.”

Kusum Kanwar concluded, saying, it’s important for parents of the modern era to take out time for their children. “I always tell parents that you have just 15 minutes of eye contact with your child without the phone or without listening to the bai or opening the door, then your education at home has started. But then parenting is not that ‘one size fits all’ thing. So it’s going to be different for everyone.”


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