Japan’s Population Declining: A Major Problem for the Country?

In the year 2024, Japan is facing a population crisis as there is a decline in the birth of babies. The total population of Japan drops by 8,00,000 in the year 2024. The figure for babies decreased by 5.1 percent to 758,631, according to the data released by the health ministry. There is also a large number of deaths happening in Japan that is around 1,592,503 which is also causing a major decline in the country’s total population.  And the number of marriages fell to its lowest level since the end of World War II at 489,281 unions which is directly or indirectly causing the shortage in number of babies in the country. The another cause of decline in the number of babies in the country is that the youngsters or the people of age group of around 21-30 are marrying late or staying single.

The government must conduct labor reforms, such as increasing wages in rural areas and eliminating the gender gap, in order to increase the number of marriages in the country. There has been a downward trend in the number of birth’s after hitting a peak in 1973 at around 2.09 million babies.

If this trend continues to happen in the upcoming years than the number of births excluding  foreign residents is likely to total around 730,000. As out of the total population of Japan, 3.2 million of residents are from foreign countries which is contributing around 3 percent in Japan’s total population.

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