IOT – Internet Of Things

IOT that is Internet of Things is one of the trending technologies in today’s digital world. Internet of Things can be defined as connecting a physical device like refrigerator, air conditioner, car, watch etc with internet so that these devices can share and receive data and perform their actions smartly without any human help. For performing any task without human help, these devices are required with different types of sensors.

Sensors can be defined as any device that collects the information from the physical world and shows it in the digital form. Some examples of sensors that are used in IOT are motion sensors, infrared sensors, motion sensors, etc. Basically, sensors help to bridge the gap between physical world and digital world.


Internet Of Things helps in making the life of people better and smarter life by making their everyday task easier. As IOT can convert every device a smart device, it can also make the life of human beings easier than before. For example:- A smart car is very useful in today’s world as it would be connected to internet and other lots of smart devices like sensors which makes it useful and better than the old cars which is used to be simple without having any internet facility.

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